Mary Green (nee Titerle) Director

About MaryCare

MaryCare Support Services Ltd. was incorporated in 1993.  Those I cared for from 1984 needed more care than I had available time for.  I followed the advice from a friend who had been involved with the first home care agency in Victoria.  She highly recommended I create a company.   To my great delight I found like-minded caregivers who could attend to my clients just as well as I could which was the beginning of a very happy service. 

I have met owners of several home care agencies in Victoria.  I find like-minded caring people in those I know.  It is very reassuring.  I am delighted that we have found common and unique ways to serve our seniors.  Many come into this business because of their experience caring for their own loved ones.  It is a beautiful thing.  I have seen great strides that have been made in the care world thanks to research, teaching and hands on experience.  I nod my head as my lessons from the elders match the research.  I cannot thank enough the centres of research, such as the Centre on Aging at UVic, who do the interviews, research and write to spread the word.  

I am grateful for my early experiences with my elders as they taught me how to be with my aging loved ones.  MaryCare care givers have cared for my family - I couldn't manage without their considerate, creative, and compassionate loving care. I am fortunate to have my family in Victoria.  But for some, care giving is done from a distance - we are often invited into their lives to care for their families in the same way as we do for our own.

I have observed many ways that people adjust to aging health issues.  My hope is that our service can help lessen stress through listening, communicating and caring, while earning our clients' trust in the most economical way possible.

Thank you for reviewing our service.

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Kind Regards

Mary Green