Mary Green (nee Titerle) Director

About Mary Green 

Listening to stories, learning lessons, laughing a lot and enjoying many cups of tea with my elders filled a great deal of my time from a very early age. My instinct to care was natural but my understanding how to care was revealed to me by my elders.  People's lives are so interesting - no matter the route taken. It is no wonder that I still love to be with the elder cohort. 

What a privilege to learn about life through so many people who have experienced so much.  I was raised in Victoria near Grandparents.  I loved listening to their stories while my hands would dust fragile knick-knacks.  I was three when I first remember my Grandmother allowing me to dust.  I enjoyed volunteering as a member of the youth group, CGIT, visiting and reading with seniors who resided in nursing homes; and when working as a dental assistant, I visited the neighbour who had been recently widowed, enjoying the tea she made for me to have with my lunch; so many stories and so many lessons.  These are just a few of many snippets in my life that reflect my interest in being with my elders. 

I was interested in nursing as a profession for most of my young years, yet was steered in another direction after being graduated from high school.  Once at the University of Victoria I found interest in Developmental Drama taught by a wonderful professor, Richard Courtney.  He was inspirational.  This was a new path - working with children, studying their development and guiding children to tell their stories through drama - not performance for the stage.  This was a creative time.  I performed as a clown and puppeteer for children learning a great deal about people and myself.  Yet, my passion was still with older adults.  My direction wasn't in focus so I worked as a dental assistant, travelled, and worked in finance for the BC Government.  Following this work I raised my family being fortunate to stay home with my young children.

In time, I created the opportunity to try some meaningful part-time work, house cleaning.  It was flexible and I was overjoyed as I was with seniors again.  Cleaning and care soon went together.  It went together so successfully that I continue to do the same and inspire those who are members of our team with my method. A friend of my first client encouraged me - he said I should teach how to care as it came naturally.  I chose to teach through sharing with care associates.  Our team works very well together for the comfort of our clients, their families and friends.   Many members have been with MaryCare since early days.   

I live my passion recognizing all my experience, study and work have meaningful influence in what I do today.  My study of Developmental Drama is particularly relevant - I have gained insight into the 'heart world'; the place in which we start our life and a place that is comfortable in our elder years. 

When facing aging challenges it is a wee bit easier when shared.  We strive to give you peace of mind when we are invited into your life by listening, communicating and caring.

I am grateful I have taken this direction as it is what I love to do.  I continue to learn and I honour all those who have been my teachers – I have had hundreds of teachers – what better training could I have to prepare me and my associates to lend a hand to our elders!!!


Kind Regards

Mary Green