Mary Green (nee Titerle) Director

Our Approach

Through our work with older adults, whether it be companion care, personal care, house cleaning, managing life affairs, and/or advocating for our clients' rights, safety and comfort, our focus is to make life work.  We want to alleviate our clients' fear of the unknown by earning trust through all our actions.  To respect you, to listen to you and to communicate well as a caregiving team is very important to us.  

 The following questions might reflect some of your concerns.  I am finding ways to share my experiences throughout these 30 years.  Perhaps this will help you:

Have you ever felt nervous about inviting strangers into your home?

We are strangers at first but we know from experience the fear of the unknown is soon resolved when you meet a MaryCare associate.

Have you felt it difficult to pull all the pieces together at the time you feel least well? 

We will work together with you to ensure we are helping you to feel emotionally supported, nourished and safe.

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused when receiving a lot of information at once. 

We are creative problem solvers.  Because of our experience we can face many challenges and clients tell us we help to alleviate stress.

We have so many wonderful support systems in Victoria and we also have many agencies and fabulous people in the care world but do you find that because of the many choices and services it is difficult to navigate through it all?

We know it is uncomfortable when there are so many changes at the time when you ned help the most. 

We work with other homecare agencies and community services- we make sure all the pieces of the puzzle connect to help you feel secure.   (We have a lot of respect for the many agencies in Victoria and the people who run them)

Do you wonder when is the best time to reach out for help?

Call when you know you want or need assistance; when you feel a niggle of stress; or if you need a house cleaner.

We often combine cleaning and care if you don't already have a house cleaner.   (see About MaryCare on the Home page).  

 Is a loved one concerned about costs?

In our experience we note some people find it difficult to spend money on themselves -eg, companion or friend.  It is easier to comprehend costs if a task is being accomplished.   The need and willingness to pay is in conflict.  This too can be worked out with creative solutions.

Do you  have a family member or friend who you or their doctor recognize as needing help but is fearful or resists asking?

We like to encourage and support a person so they at least will listen to options.  We can help or advise you so an associate of MaryCare can get over the threshold.  We have had success with our approach and can report that it is possible to help in these situations.

Are you a Veteran or are you in need of subsidized help through VIHA?

Are you entitled to support through the Veterans' Independence Programme.  Have you been assessed by the VIHA Case Manager in your region?  There are many services available that might benefit you.  Do you know how to make contact?  Have you been in touch with the Caregivers' network and/or the Alzheimers' society?

We will be happy to answer your questions when you call 250 479-1861.

The MaryCare Team