Mary Green (nee Titerle) Director

Our Client Stories

When you share with us your needs and hopes, story telling often helps to create clear pictures of possible care plans. 

Give us a call and arrange to meet with Mary Green.  She welcomes you to share your story and she will create a picture of possibilities through stories.  Of course, stories are anonymous but the pictures that are created are gleaned from 30 years of experience in the care world.

It is sometimes helpful to consider this kind of discussion as every moment is an unknown.  A plan today might be different tomorrow.  Mary has learned, that if communication is open and comfortable then care and support can be worked out no matter what presents itself.

If you wish to arrange an appointment with Mary Green, please call 250 479-1861.

We are pleased to share from our experiences and hope we can help you find the care you need and want.

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